why are you voting?

Our newsletters leading up to next week’s election are covering some of today’s most important issues. Inform your vote by taking a deeper dive into areas of interest.


Voting rights are civil rights!

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Voting to prevent gun violence?

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Want to see more buses and better roads?

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Voting to save the planet and protect public lands?

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Voting for higher wages and benefits?

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a look at the what’s on the ballot


Colorado voters will see eleven statewide questions on the November ballot. We summarize the first six in a recent newsletter and the remaining five, here.   And, here are some good additional resources for more information and analysis:

  • The “Blue Book” – an analysis provided by the legislature of each statewide ballot measure, including a summary, arguments for and against and a brief fiscal assessment. You should have received a copy in the mail; it is also available in Spanish and in an audio version.

  • A summary from Colorado Public Radio – includes links to organizations supporting and opposing each measure. 

  • Colorado Politics article – focuses on the money being spent, and by whom, for and against these measures.

  • Colorado Sun article – provides an overview of all the measures, with links to Colorado Sun articles on many of them. 

  • The Colorado Secretary of State’s website provides the text of each of these bills and measures at this page

  • The Vail Valley Partnership has taken positions on some of the statewide measures, as well as on three Eagle County ballot measures, all of which you can read about here.

  • Progressive Voter's Guide Colorado -- Type in your address here and get recommendations.

past newsletters archived

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09/09/2020 - What questions are on the ballot?

09/01/2020 - It's September! Will you be ready to vote?

08/26/2020 - Are you voting for better jobs?

08/20/2020 - Voting rights are civil rights!

08/19/2020 - Rally to Save the Post Office

08/12/2020 - The election is 83 days away - are you ready?

08/05/2020 - Why do you Vote? To Address Gun Violence?

07/29/2020 - Voting for the environment? 

07/22/2020 - Why do you vote? For better roads? 

07/14/2020 - Why do you vote?

07/07/2020 - Past and Upcoming Election News -

06/29/2020 - Last chance to vote!

06/24/2020 - Don't forget to vote! Ballots are due June 30th!

06/15/2020 - Community in Challenging Times

06/08/2020 - Community in Challenging Times, with Phil Weiser

06/07/2020 - Don't Miss Debates!

06/01/2020 - Obama: Make this Moment a Turning Point

05/26/2020 - Events for the start of summer

05/19/2020 - Two reminders for events happening today!

05/18/2020 - Q & A with Regina O’Brien - TOMORROW

05/12/2020 - Election results, & more  local elections!

05/05/2020 - News and Events for May 5th

04/28/2020 - Events, voting and election reminders

04/21/2020 - Events and Key Dates

04/14/2020 - Virtual Town Halls and Trainings

04/07/2020 - Voting and Census Reminders

03/31/2020 - Website Updates

03/23/2020 - Updated Events

03/10/2020 - Vail Valley Votes

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