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2020 Voter Registration Program

Vail Valley Votes has been approved as a 2020 Voter Registration Drive (VRD) organization by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. We are gearing up to register eligible citizens to vote in the June primary and November general elections.

It‘s very rewarding to register first-time voters, or help people update their voter records so they’re certain to receive their mail-in ballot. If you’d like to volunteer with us as a VRD “Circulator”, follow these steps to become qualified and trained in voter registration best practices.

Questions? Please email us at

Step 1 (required):

Complete the Secretary of State‘s (SOS) circulator training, available to download at the SOS website. Link is here. See "For Approved VRDs" and bulleted item "VRD Circulator". Select English training (PPTX) or Spanish training (PPTX). Note: The training is a brief Powerpoint slide deck that will take about 15 minutes to view.

Step 2 (required):

Once you‘ve finished the SOS‘s circulator training, complete a circulator acknowledgement form, available to download here. Follow the included instructions on how to fill out and return the completed form.

Step 3 (recommended):

Ask for a Vail Valley Votes – Voter Registration Best Practices online session at your convenience. Our personalized training highlights the basic rules for registering voters as outlined in the Secretary of State‘s Powerpoint slide deck, reviews best practices and can answer all your questions about how we may be doing this safely this election season.  Just email us to request a training at

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