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Answers to questions about voting in the upcoming Primary Election on June 25, 2024.

How do I register to vote?

You can register or update your registration information at


What is the deadline to register to vote?

In Colorado, you can register to vote in-person up to and including Election Day.


I’ve moved but I have kept my post office box – why do I still need to change my voting address?

Where you live in Eagle County (your street address) determines which candidates or ballot measures are on your ballot.


I will be gone during this election season! Can I get my ballot forwarded?

No, ballots are not permitted to be forwarded. You need to make sure your mailing address is correct at


You can provide a temporary mailing address. Go to, find your voter registration and edit it by adding a new mailing address. That will remain your mailing address unless and until you change it for future elections, so be sure to update it when needed. This additional mailing address field works well for voters who are out of the area for an extended period of time.

I’m a college student. How can I vote?

College students have options: you can vote in Colorado as long as you have been a resident for 22 days, which means you can vote in Colorado if you grew up here and consider Colorado to be your home, or if you have come to Colorado for college (even if you are now remotely learning) and have been a resident for at least 22 days. If you prefer to vote in another state because it is where you grew up or where you now go to school, check the rules of that state. But remember to pick just one state – you can only vote once! For more information about voting as a college student, visit the Secretary of State’s website here.


When should I expect to receive my Primary Election ballot in the mail?

Ballots for the June 25th Primary Election will be mailed to registered voters the week of June 3rd. If you don’t receive yours by Monday, June 10th, stop by a Vote Center for a replacement ballot.

I got my ballot in the mail. How can I return it?

There are three ways to return your ballot – but before you do any of these, be sure to vote the entire ballot and sign the envelope!

  1. Drop it in a ballot drop box anywhere in Colorado by 7:00 pm June 25th. You can find the Eagle County locations here, and you can find all the drop boxes in the state at (scroll down to the map). 

  2. Put it in a mailbox (use recommended postage) no later than June 18th. Your ballot must arrive in the Clerk & Recorder's office by 7:00 pm June 25th to count – it will not count if you mail it on June 25th!

  3. Drop it off in person at a Vote Center. Those centers can also be found at (scroll down to view map) and the Eagle County locations can be found here.

I got my ballot in the mail. But I want to vote in person! How do I do that?

Just go to a Vote Center (see link below for locations and hours) between June 3rd and June 25th by 7:00 pm. Vote early to avoid lines!

Here are your in-person options:

  • Fill out your ballot at home and drop it off at a Vote Center. 

  • Go to a Vote Center and fill out your ballot there.

  • Go to a Vote Center with your ID to receive an in-person ballot or use a “ballot marking device” to fill out your ballot. When you do this, your signature will not need to be reviewed because you showed your ID while there.


For Vote Centers in Eagle County, go to this page. If you do go in person, you must follow the rules regarding no electioneering which include a prohibition on carrying or wearing anything that has the name or likeness of a candidate or specific information (number, title, subject logo) of a ballot measure.

A family member is serving in the armed forces overseas – will they be able to vote?

By law, ballots are mailed to all military and overseas citizens on May 11th. For more information, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.


I don’t have a good mailing address – can I pick up my ballot?

You can pick up a ballot and return it starting on May 24th.  The best option is to update your mailing address online by June 17th at If you do not have a good mailing address, you can pick up your ballot (and ONLY your own ballot) at the Clerk & Recorder’s office at 500 Broadway in Eagle or at 20 Eagle County Drive in El Jebel. You can complete it and drop it in a ballot drop box there, or you can take it home and return it later.


What if I don’t receive my ballot in the mail?

If you do not receive your ballot by Monday, June 17th, you can visit a Vote Center to pick up a ballot. There is no need to wait until Election Day to get a replacement ballot if it hasn’t arrived or or you have lost it. You will need an acceptable ID to get a new ballot. Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, an ID card issued by the Department of Revenue, or a US passport. 

I made a mistake on my ballot – what do I do? 
You can get a replacement ballot at a Vote Center. Just bring in an acceptable ID to get a new ballot. Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, an ID card issued by the Department of Revenue or a US passport. You don’t need to submit your original ballot. (You are prohibited from submitting two ballots.)

Signature issues?
Your ballot can be rejected if the signature on your envelope does not match your signature on file at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office. If your signature has changed recently, consider completing a new voter registration form and returning it to the Clerk and Recorder’s office or to a Vote Center. This will give election judges a more accurate signature to match.  (Often, signatures of younger voters who registered when they were 16 years old appear differently when they are older.)


If your ballot is rejected because of a signature mismatch, you will be sent a letter giving you eight days to confirm that it is actually your signature. There are options to “cure” any discrepancy and they will be explained in the letter you receive.

How can I get another ballot or voting question answered?

The Eagle County Clerk & Recorder’s office is always happy to help. They can be reached at and at 970-328-8715. But they will be busy as we get closer to election day. Feel free to email us at

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