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Eagle County
2023 Coordinated Election
November 7, 2023

Who’s on the ballot? What’s on the ballot? You are being asked to fill town councils, school boards, and answer important ballot questions. Your vote is your voice!

STATEWIDE – These two issues will be on all the November 2023 Coordinated Election ballots in Colorado. 

Proposition HH, Reduce Property Taxes and Retain State Revenue – a proposal to reduce real estate property taxes and allow the state to retain and spend excess state revenue.

What you need to know, from the Colorado Sun, is at this link.


Proposition II, Retain Nicotine Tax Revenue in Excess of Blue Book Revenue – a proposal to retain and spend state revenue that would otherwise be refunded because estimates of state revenue from this tax were exceeded, and to maintain the existing tax rates on nicotine products that would otherwise be decreased.

What you need to know, from the Colorado Sun, is at this link.


EAGLE COUNTY – Depending on your Eagle County residential address, you will be voting for the following council members, board members and ballot questions.


Eagle Town Council – Three positions on the current Eagle Town Council will be filled in this election. Town of Eagle voters will be selecting three of five candidates for four year terms. Two current council members, Jamie Woodworth Foral and Nick Sunday, are running for a second term. One additional candidate, Bryan K Woods, will appear on the ballot. Also running as write-in candidates are Robert D'Agostino and Thomas C Olden Jr.

Vail Town Council – Voters in this election will select four Town Council members to its seven member Council.

There are ten candidates for those four slots including one current incumbent, Jonathan Staufer, and two who have previously served, Dave Chapin and Brian Sipes. Also running are these seven candidates: Jack Bergey, Samantha Biszantz, Scott McBride, Reid Phillips, John Rediker, Christine Santucci. Brian Sipes and Dave Tucker.

Eagle County School District Board of Education - Voters residing in the Eagle County School District can mark their ballots for four unopposed candidates for four open seats. Three Board members, Kelly Alter, Lucila Tvarkunas and Juan Pena are incumbents, and one other, Harry McQueeney, is a newcomer prepared to serve.
Meet the candidates, in this Vail Daily story, at this link.

Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees - Four positions on the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees will be on November's ballot. Three are running unopposed: Kerry Buhler, Bob Cousin and Gloria Perez. Vying for the fourth seat are Marianne Vigil and David Use.


Roaring Fork School District Board of Education - There are three Board of Education seats up for election in November 2023.

Meet the candidates, in this Aspen Daily News story, at this link.

West Grand School District Board of Education - visit this website for contact information.


Town of Avon

The Town of Avon is proposing a construction materials use tax. The Vail Daily explains it, at this link.


The Basalt and Rural Fire Department 

The Basalt and Rural Fire District wants to expand and is asking voters for an increase in property taxes. 
What you need to know, from the  Aspen Daily News, is 
at this link.

Vote the entire ballot - top to bottom. It makes a difference!

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